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Top 10 Bangladeshi Android games.

Are You Find Top 10 Bangladeshi Android Game? In this post I give you a list of TOP 10 Bangladeshi Android Game.Now Visit Top 10 Bangladeshi Game post

Are you looking for the Top 10 Bangladeshi Android games on the internet? Then you have come to the right place because today will tell you about the Top 10 Bangladeshi Android games. You can play all these Bangladeshi games very easily with a 2GB RAM smartphone. 

Currently, developers are creating new games for Android devices with additional features of hi-graphics, due to which gamers are especially attracted to Android games. Similarly, the number of Android smartphone users is increasing day by day in Bangladesh and the number of gamers is also increasing day by day with the increase in the number of users of this Android device. 

Top 10 Bangladeshi Android games.
Top 10 Bangladeshi Android games.

Now Bangladeshi gamers are no longer behind, they are participating in various international esports gaming tournaments. Many gamers even create YouTube channels and upload videos of their gameplay. Android smartphone users are getting more attracted to Android games because of watching this YouTube video. Bangladesh has a lot of Android gamers, but Bangladeshi Android gamers don't know that Bangladesh has the best Android games. Which is similar to comparing popular Android games in other countries. Today we want to inform Bangladeshi gamers about the top 10 Bangladeshi Android games through our post. 

In today's post, we will tell you about the Top 10 Android games for Bangladeshi game that you can enjoy by playing games through your Android device. Five members of our website have collected the 10 best Bangladeshi Android games for you by collecting information through Google Play Store, YouTube, website, and Facebook group for two days. I can safely say that all the Bangladeshi games on our list are the best compared to the games on other websites.

Top 10 Bangladeshi Android games.

  • Number 1. Meena Game 2. 
  • Number 2: Mukti Camp. 
  • Number 3: Heroes Of 71. 
  • Number 4: Annihilation 
  • Number 5: Reality Escape. 
  • Number 6: Bus Simulator Bangladesh. 
  • Number 7: Planet Red. 
  • Number 8: Gutibaj. 
  • Number 9: Bombs Away. 
  • Number 10: Amar gram
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Number 1: Meena Game 2.

Android Game Meena Game 2 is inspired by the Meena cartoon. Meena Game 2 game is developed by Bangladeshi developers, and UNICEF Bangladesh has published this game on the Google Play Store. 

The first phase of the Meena Game was a bit like Templaran Game. But Meena Game 2 games are completely open world games. In Meena Game we could play a single character but in Meena Game 2 we can choose multiple characters. We can play the game as Mina, Raju, Mina's parents, Parrot (Mithu) and others. In the game, you can see the 90s mother's love, father's love, and Meena's love for her younger brother and sister. Since Mina Game 2 we will be able to choose multiple characters, so we have to play games by performing different duties at the same time. For example, Meena will feed cows, catch chickens, and parrots will play with Mithu. On the other hand, playing the role of Raju, we will catch fish, go for a walk with our father, study, etc. In short, Miner Games 2 is the open world game of the 90s. Hope Bangladeshi gamers will like these games.

Unicef Bangladesh makes the people of Bangladesh aware through Mina Cartoon and Mina Games. UNICEF has raised public awareness through the promotion of Mina cartoon television against schooling of little girls, elimination of gender inequality, and children's rights. And now currently UNICEF Bangladesh has launched the Meena Game 2 Google Play Store. Meena Game 2 has 1M+ downloads and the rating of this game is 4.0, if you want to enjoy the open world games of the 90s then install Meena Game 2 now and enjoy the games.

Number 2: Mukti Camp.

Then the second game of Bangladesh is Mukti camp. Mukti Camp game is based on the 1971 liberation war, the outlook of the game is similar to Clash of Clan game. 

Mukti camp games are offline camp mod games where you have to build and develop your camp. You have to collect and train new volunteer heroes to create warriors, use them to attack the Pakistani forces, and defend the camp by resisting the attack on the camp. In the battle mode, you have to take your fighter to the battlefield and give command to fight against the Pakistan army. Remember that your troops will fight based on your command, it must be commanded with your skill and hard intelligence. You can use different types of weapons and items such as grenades, mind, medkit, and weapons to strengthen your forces in battle. 

Mukti Camp is a game where the images of the liberation war are evoked through impressive graphics, sound effects, and voice acting. , the game features realistic and detailed graphics, reflecting the events of the 1971 Liberation War. The gun shots, explosions, and Jai Bangla shouts of the Liberation Army created a thrilling atmosphere of the game. Mukti Camp is a game where not only entertainment but also educational and motivational stories are hidden. Mukti Camp Now you can play the game through your Android device. The game is currently not available on the Google Play Store so you have to download it from a third-party website. As a Bangladeshi, you should install the Mukti Camp game at least once.

Top 10 Offline Android Games in 2024.

Number 3: Heroers Of 71.

Top 10 Bangladeshi Android games.

Heroes Of 71 is another liberation war android game made by Bangladeshi developers. This game has been published on the Google Play Store by Mindfisher Games Inc., which has brought out the image of the Liberation War at the field level. 

In Heroes Of 71 Bangladeshi android game, your character will be a freedom fighter, you have to take a position in a school and target and shoot Pakistani forces. In this game you can choose multiple three characters, one of them will attack from the top of the school building, another will attack from the bunker below and the other will attack from the tower. You can use grenades and medkits to make your freedom fighters stronger. Heroes Of 71 game has no levels or ending, the more Pak invaders you kill, the more Pak invaders will come. You have to aim and shoot on Pakistani forces from cover. The more you attack from cover, the longer you can play the game. Heroes Of 71 Games reminds us of the contribution of freedom fighters and gives us a glimpse of the liberation war of 1971. As a Bangladeshi, you need to play this game. 

Heroes Of 71 This Bangladeshi game is available on Google Play Store, you can download the game completely free from Google Play Store.

Number 4: Annihlation.

Annihilation is another Bangladeshi developer developed Android games. Seeing the amazing graphics, sound effects of this game, you will not think that it is a Bangladeshi Android game. The game is a first-person shooter where you fight against zombies, aliens and robots in a post-apocalyptic world. Annihilation is Bangladesh's first battleground action game developed by Crisis Entertainment LLC. Since this is a battleground game, you cannot customize any weapons yourself. You have to go to the battlefield and collect weapons like guns, knives, grenades and rocket launchers to attack and defeat your enemies. Besides, you can upgrade character skills and weapon skills like free fire games and unlock new clothes as you wish. In Annihilation game you can play games in different modes like survival or multiplayer. 

I think the biggest project among Bangladeshi Android games is Annihilation Games project. Many Bangladeshis do not know about Annihilation games. Now Annihilation is currently not available on Google Play Store, so you have to install the game from other third party websites.

Number 5: Reality Escape.

Reality Escape is an open world game created by a Bangladeshi developer, and this game is similar to GTA 5. Reality Escape is an open-world game so you can do whatever you want here. You have to level up by completing the missions that will give you different types of missions. Reality Escape Android Bangladeshi games will get all the benefits like GTA 5 in the game. You can kill whoever you want here, you can drive, you can fight with different weapons, and another amazing feature is that GTA 5 characters can use mobile phones, as well as Reality Escape characters can use mobile phones in games. The graphics of the Reality Escape game are amazing in one word, where the beauty and diversity of Bangladesh have been revealed through these games. You can visit many places including Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, and Sylhet. Also, the history and historical places of Bangladesh have been added to this game. 

Reality Escape Bangladeshi Android games are currently not available on Google Play Store, you have to download them from other websites on the internet.

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Number 6: Bus Simulator Bangladesh.

Bus Simulator Bangladesh is a popular bus game in Bangladesh. This game is the only bus game that is made by a Bangladeshi developer, there is no other bus game in Bangladesh except this game. Bus Simulator Bangladesh This game was launched by Ghost Interactive developer company on the Google Play Store in 2020. The game has 1 million+ downloads and is rated 4.1/5. 

The game features various routes, bus models, especially Bangladeshi bus models, the weather, and the beauty of Bangladesh. You can drive various popular Bangladeshi buses such as Hanif, Shyamoli, Green Line, Sohag Paribahan, and many other popular bus companies. You can also customize your bus with your own designed graphics. The game also allows you to drive company buses of various manufacturers such as Tata, Ashok Leyland, Volvo, and many more. Bus Simulator Bangladesh Bangladeshi Android Games has a detailed map of many important places in Bangladesh including Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Sylhet, National Airport, Kamalapur Railway Station, Sangsad Bhavan, Ahsan Manzil, Cox's Bazar Samudra Pabna Rooppur Nuclear Power Station, and Payra Port. There are many more places to offer. Various vehicles, pedestrians, toll plazas, bridges, and traffic signals have been arranged to make the game more realistic. You can get more detailed knowledge about the weather and beauty of Bangladesh by playing the game Bus Simulator Bangladesh. 

You can download this game completely free from the Google Play Store. The download link is given above.

Number 7: Planet Red.

I did not think that Planet Red is a Bangladeshi Android game. Because Ghost Interactive developer company has made the game in such a way that no one can think that this game is a Bangladeshi game. The storyline of Planet Red games is that a spaceship with you has started a journey towards Planet Red. There you go and see that the planet is full of violent aliens. In order to survive on that planet, you have to kill all the violent aliens. Planet Red games will give you modern weapons like laser gun projector, machine guns, and many more modern tools. In addition, you will be given some additional features that you need to use in times of danger. This Planet Red game is a hostile alien shooter game. Where you have to kill aliens to survive and complete your mission. Planet Red Bangladeshi games are not available on Google Play Store, so you have to download this game from other websites.

Number 8: Gutibaaz: 29

Top 10 Bangladeshi Android games.
Top 10 Bangladeshi Android games.

Gutibaaz: 29 Google Play Store

Gutibaaz: 29 is a Ludoo game made by a Bangladeshi developer. If you like to play ludu games on android mobile, then you can play Gutibaaz: 29 Bangladeshi Ludu game at least once. This games interface is almost same as Lodu King games. Gutibaaz: 29 Android Games You can play a total of seven classic games, namely: Twenty Nine, Callbreak, Andar Bahar, Begum Pakar, Snake Ladder, Ludo and Hazari 1000 Points. Gutibaaz: 29 game is not only Bangladeshi, there are many gamers from all over the world who play these games. If you want, you can download Gutibaaz: 29 games from Google Play Store and play.

Number 9: Bombs Away.

Top 10 Bangladeshi Android games.
Top 10 Bangladeshi Android games.

Bombs Away

Bombs Away is another Bangladeshi game developed by Mindfisher Games Inc. These games will test your skills and intelligence. In Bombs Away games you have to tap and destroy many buildings in the city of Bombs. Here you will be asked to destroy certain buildings by bombing them, if you can tap and destroy those buildings then you can go to the next level of the game. Personally, I have played the game Bombs Away several times, I like the game very much. If you want, you can download the Bombs Away game from the Google Play Store.

Number 10: Amar Gram

Amar Gram is another Bangladeshi Android game. This Bangladeshi Android game is developed by MGames ICTD. 

Amar Gram Games is an open-world game. If you play the game then you will play the game as a boy, you can explore different places in your village such as the river bank, school house, playground, and village market. Besides, you will be given small missions, if you complete the missions, you will be given some awards. Amar Gram is this Bangladeshi game I play the game on my Android phone. This game highlights the natural beauty and traditional memories of rural Bengal in Bangladesh. You can enjoy the same kind of joy that the boys of rural Bengal enjoyed in the 90s. 

If you complete your missions regularly, you will be promoted to the next level, and from there you will get more missions. As a Bangladeshi, you should play these Android games at least once, because by playing these games you will understand some parts of rural Bengal. My Village Bangladeshi Android Games are not available on Google Play Store, so you have to download from other website. The download link is given above.

Bangladeshi Android Game Conclusion.

Now there are almost a lot of gamers in Bangladesh. They mostly play games from foreign developers, so they want to play Bangladeshi Android games. But they don't get proper information about Bangladeshi Android games on the internet, so they can't play Bangladeshi games. In today's post, has contacted the top 10 Bangladeshi Android games information from Google Play Store, YouTube, third-party websites, and developers. We have collected information about 30 Bangladeshi Android games, but from there, we have selected the best 10 Bangladeshi Android games for you. So feel free to say that the top 10 Bangladeshi games provided on our website are better than the list provided on other websites. So please follow our list and play these Bangladeshi games once. Hope our top 10 Android games will not disappoint you. Play the games and let us know how you like the games. You can follow our website to get information about these top 10 Bangladeshi Android games.

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